Microsoft interested in Cyangenmod?

Before Nokia was acquired by Microsoft, there were Nokia Android phones with Microsoft services and Windows Phone-like UI but Microsoft trying to use Cyangenmod? We don’t know what are they going to use it for, their own Windows Phones? The competition is still on-going and Windows Phone is still lagging behind and having Android on Microsoft-made mobile devices is a bad idea. Perhaps, Windows Phone devices should have support for Cyangenmod if possible but that is for the future Windows Phone devices. Maybe the third-party manufacturers should ensure that their Windows Phone devices can support Cyangenmod, not Microsoft. Nobody expects Cyangenmod to be running on Surface series devices or any other modern Windows tablets for example, NO ONE! This is a bad idea from Microsoft that the third-party manufacturers should use Cyangenmod for their device production instead like what the Blackphone and OnePlus One are already using. Nobody knows what will happen if Microsoft uses Cyangenmod for.


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