Gunbird 2 and Sengoku Blade for IOS and Android

The ex-employees of Psikyo might have come back in the new company named Xeronauts which might have published Strikers 1945 Portable on the PSP with slight graphical modification. The explosions in that version may have changed to the classic-ass ones which may seem to be disappointing and the boss music is somewhat missing. The worse thing is that it is based on Strikers 1945 Plus with still cropped vertical parts of the resolution in in which the original Strikers 1945 II version has.
Then moving on to the mobile version of Gunbird 2 and Sengoku Blade which make use of the Kakao Korean social networking service to play the games. The way you start the game is that you get one credit for free but beyond one credit is virtually costly. You can also enhance the gameplay with various mobile version exclusive items like the shield for example that will protect you from enemy attacks.
The disadvantage of these two games on the mobile device is that getting beyond one credit will cost you virtual money so good luck trying to clear them in one-credit if you’re damn good enough. Another problem for Sengoku Blade for IOS and Android is that the gameplay resolution is completely stretched to 16:9. Similar issue as the one in Raystorm HD but on the 4:3 mobile devices like the Ipad, the entire game except in-game is squashed in 4:3 format. Originally, the game on the mobile devices is entirely in 16:9. The improvement is that they should add the wallpaper during gameplay for 16:9 devices and not flatten the god-damn non-in-game interface for 4:3 devices. Another problem for Gunbird 2 on IOS and Android is that the arranged music is like crap compared to the original and home console versions of Gunbird 2. What were they thinking when trying to modernize the music for that game?
Gunbird 2 for IOS and Android is known as Gunbird S and Sengoku Blade is simply named as Tengai, the same name for the overseas arcade release.


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