Disconnect Mobile removed from Play Store

As if the fanboys of advertisements at Google think that the anti-ad apps stink or something, it may appear that even Disconnect Mobile to them stinks as well. They can probably think that it may end up being used by the destructive bad criminals only when they never know that it is also used by the good guys like us. Well, it is a bad move from Disconnect. They shouldn’t have put it available in the Play Store in the first place although they claimed that they might have known the Google policies. Perhaps, going against advertisement may affect the business but then, they should have made this app available as the APK for package installation, not the app that can be obtained easily through Play Store. So what, it is like it’s Disconnect’s fault for putting Disconnect Mobile in Play store in the first place that it gets taken down after days. It’s not the first time that such things already happened. The previous apps were Ad Block and even Cyangenmod if you’re going full private on your Android device.
So, if you’re going full private on your Android device, you will need to backup the apps you have before installing Cyangenmod and installing it is not easy that you may need the original firmware as well which is the Android OS. It takes uneasy steps to do this. The downside of using Cyangenmod is that you will need to install the Google apps yourself which are privacy invading in the first place but you should be able to install Disconnect Mobile through package installer after that in the first place.
Only cyber-fools think that the privacy related apps are fucking malwares and it seem that the ones at Google do so. Disconnect Mobile is still intact on App Store. Get it before it gets taken down there as well.


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