IPhone 6 and IWatch

OK, this is somewhat one of the weakest plans and ideas to announce things like that in September 9 to me. Maybe this is some upcoming event I should avoid blogging and taking a look at lest my brain gets fucked up with something stupid again like what happened more than a few years ago. I should have known a personal lesson by present times, not to contribute supportive or hateful things to any fictional or real person, group, the corporation or content that has the power of stupidity. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have done any supporting or bashing at all to those stupidities and espeically for the fucking idiots who come up with the stupidest bills or policies I have ever seen on the internet, like the fucked up Content ID system, going racist against the muslims like taking them for destructive bad criminals or even spying on everyone including the foreign leaders and telling lies and making fake apologies that you’re not doing all those bullshits for instances. This event by Apple, not matter how good it is, maybe I’m gonna skip it but anything with the power of 9 is something I have been avoiding.

For this event, the upcoming devices will not be produced by Apple until after the day of the announcements. It’s not the first time Apple has done to prevent leaks and that’s for the sake of security lest China pirate manufacturers make a bunch of Iphone ripoffs once the genuine products are revealed. Perhaps Microsoft should have used this product security technique earlier starting with Windows 7 development days instead. They shouldn’t have learnt the lesson too late like that once knowing that Windows 8 was leaked illegally. Perhaps, that was to prevent the piracy of prototype products and prototype products would be abandoned sooner.

The IWatch will be released sometime next year.


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