IFA Trade Show in Berlin – Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

There it comes, another big IT event next month! OK, it seems that the Neowin website theme has changed into something simple and clean looking that is optimzed for every device using the modern technology. Check out the way you roll your mouse over the recently popular articles, they zoom in a little bit and get highlighted. Anyway, change aside. It seems that Sony is like going in the right direction this time around by ditching the Playstation for Android service like they’re sticking back to releasing more Android devices in a normal way as the third-party manufacturer like the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Also, the Playstation 4 sales have gotten quite high, outselling their rivals like for the first time in this generation but of course, it looks like the Wii U is gaining more momentum due to some killer first-party games that are worth the reasons to buy.

However, from the recent Neowin article about this, we’re not sure about the price of this upcoming tablet. Having it expensive may lead to less people buying it and it’s a similar situation with the Playstation Vita console where it and its accessories were seriously expensive. It looks like Sony’s better do this one right this year. Also, they’re releasing their Xperia Z3 smartphone months after the Z2 release.


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