China to have their own desktop OS to ditch Windows

As popular as Windows is around the globe, Windows XP is highly notorius for piracy in China and the worse thing is that Windows 8 and 8.1 may have some backdoors installed so that the US spying agencies can spy on the foreign customers and even the foreign leaders. This has been going way too far and some research I did will take you back to the past way before the 9/11 happened. In the past, Windows 95 and above might have some sort of similar backdoors that would allow the reasonless spying to happen and that included the applications made for those OSes and even the Mac OSes, GNU/Linux OSes with SELinux and of course, the IOS and Android. Windows 8 and 8.1 are kind of worse technically in terms of security and Ubuntu 12 onwards is a path of customer betrayal unless you can remove those betrayal tools they had come up with. What betrays you is that when you search, anything you search for will be collected by the company for the sake of advertising when we think that the true motive is that they’re ganging up to spy on us. It’s a complete technical waste of time for us to monitor things when we already have other stuffs to work on.

There were already China-made OSes like I already did the research on such as the Kylin OS for example. The one that’s consumer friendly is the Ubuntu edition of Kylin OS. Of course, it will have some Chinese software and services if you’re using it but like I said, there may be some downsides of the US and UK made technologies in terms of security. Ubuntu is like made in the UK and hence the fact that Canonical might have ganged up with the spying agencies in the UK to include some backdoors in the Ubuntu OSes nowadays.

We don’t know what kind of new OS China will be planning but as long as the technology is completely made in China, we’ll use the hell out of it like telling those cyber-spies to go fuck themselves. I’m already going towards the Chinese technology like I found the Chinese internet security brands that may have improved the computer performance even more as the US computer technology as we know it nowadays may have fucked things up.


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