Yahoo and Google to encrypt their email services next year

Perhaps, the companies were afraid to tell public the truth in the interview about the situation of the on-going illegal cyber-surveillance so they eventually told some lies in avoid to avoid going out of business or something. But that was last time in which they were forced to do that and this time, Yahoo and Google are planning to make their email services more secure so that it can be worth the reason to use them again similar to what Microsoft did with their Onedrive and Outlook. However, there may be security experts and researchers who are concerned that this kind of customer privacy protection may put an end to the relationship between the tech giants and the enemies of the internet freedom we already know of, meaning to say that the enemies like those cyber-spying agencies are not able to receive anything new from the tech giants.

Last time, there were some illegally unacceptable contents stored in some cyber-criminal’s Onedrive and some others or maybe the same person’s Gmail account which led to the arrest of those cyber-criminals. We may be lucky that Microsoft had come up with their Digital Crimes Unit which may look like the Microsoft in-house cyber-police station or something used to capture the cyber-criminals. Sure, both Microsoft and Google teamed up the last time to ban 18+ contents from being stored in their services, so be warned about that and we believe that what these two companies did were right. Perhaps, those cyber-criminals took the opportunity to possess those illegal stuffs of theirs like the freaking 12-year-old kids.


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