Gamma International – Spyware producer for government agencies

Wherever and whatever this company is, this is one of the biggest enemies of the Internet which produces these spywares for the government agencies in Bahrain and the former government of Egypt. Not only are the desktop and laptop computers being affected, but also the mobile devices such as the smartphones. The victims are likely to be the civilians and the journalists similar to whatever is happening in other countries as well. It may be a bigger shame that this spyware is already sold off to various Asian countries like Thailand, China, Japan, etc. and it looks like it hasn’t been unleashed yet. US also has this spyware bought but then, it may seem that China is already banning the foreign products due to that similar fact that the similar spywares are already inside those products. What about the local products? Are they infected by this?

Basically, this spyware disguises itself as whatever plugin installed on every website but disabling every plugin in a browser may break the freedom of net-surfing as you’re not able to watch Youtube videos like you probably want for instance. Not to mention that the HTML5 for YouTube can behave like there’s still nothing wrong or maybe something incomplete and fucked up. Also, it has been attacking the Bahraini activists like trying to detect the place for some destructive-ass bad guys there. And of course, nobody likes those who blow up stuffs because it’s traumatic for cilivians like us.


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