Xbox One in China in September 23rd

It may be a shame that the Xbox One is more expensive than the Playstation 4 unless it comes bundled without its own Kinect that the console can sell better to catch up with its rival one day. The cost of $600 is already a concern for the Chinese markets and especially on how genuine this system is as the market in China is full of cheap but inferior-ass products. Not to mention that there are so much rip-offs product everywhere in China that will SURELY PISS YOU OFF. However, another obstacle for Microsoft is that some of the offices in various Chinese countries were already seized by the Chinese authorities for whatever unknown reasons. It may probably affect the plans to release the new technologies Microsoft has done and especially that the Xbox One was already released a year ago in western countries. That included Windows 8.1 which was also released a year ago.

However, the truth is that some national proposal is required if Microsoft wants to sell this console in China by forming the joint-venture as there are also local companies in China as well.


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