Unified Technology Event for Enterprises

It appears that this year’s TechEd will be the last according to Microsoft but this is not the end for that. It may seem that certain Microsoft services will be merged into one big event next year. They may have the plans to consolidate the Microsoft Management Summit and separate various conferences relating to various Microsoft business tools they’re using into one single-super event. When they’re planning this merging plan, it seems that more information will be revealed sometime next year in May when the big event will start. Things will be expected in September next year and that’s going to take a long time from now.

But note that this is not meant to replace WPC or even BUILD events as those two events will also be planned as well. You can guess the next Windows OS will be part of those events so of course, you’re going to attend them. But, do you want to see something unpromising from that OS in the event? Will you get disappointed from what you see in the future? Who knows? After some layoffs in which I already know the god-damn news tons of times from multiple websites including Neowin, we don’t know if Microsoft is going to do anything better. For future events, they’ve better reveal right things for the products they’re developing and promoting.


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