Russian government dumps Microsoft software in favor of homegrown software

OK, I might have done some Linux OS related security research before getting prepared in blogging here. The first thing is that any Linux OS with the SELinux is kind of no longer secure as that security technology was made in the US after all. You can try to use those Linux OSes for the sake of security but even then, after sometime, you will still be spied once the spies have already found out what Linux OS you’re using. Tails OS was already affected by that due to the SELinux thingy and especially for various Firefox variants including the controversial derivative, Tor, which has been used by both good people and cyber-criminals. The protection of privacy from Microsoft is at the beginning with Outlook and Onedrive but the other stupid bills are attempting to render the protection plans useless. Will that affect the globe or US only? Yes, it is almost GLOBALLY! Even foreign leaders and brands are the similar victims that they demand the explanations from the spies but of course, there will be lies to avoid the jail sentence or something.

What the Russian government is planning to do is to ditch the US-made technology in favor of the locally made one but Microsoft software is not the only one being ditched as other brands of software will be ditched as well. Thankfully, the bill they’re planning doesn’t outright ban the import products but we’re not sure if there are actually Russian-made products by then.

So, nowadays, Microsoft may seem to be doing better in terms of security but we’re not sure if they’re going to do things right with the next Windows OS or perhaps fix the true purpose of Xbox One. Also, the spying agencies in the UK and US are getting much worse and certain ISPs in the US are completely ass in everything besides being against the internet freedom we already know of.


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