OneDrive for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users, be glad that OneDrive is back, even more secure than better. Apparently, this is the last update for Windows Phone 7.5 while Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 are still on-going which still have some Windows 8 related backdoors that they still have to freaking fix them. I don’t know if the next Windows OS will not have any single backdoors for better security and performance as this is something I may expect for future performance improvement. Until Windows 8 was released, I probably expected that all of the traces of Windows Vista technology should be changed completely for faster OS but another challange approached the hell out of Microsoft ever since last year as things were the complete disaster for Windows 8.

If there’s Windows Phone 9 or something in the future that will be based on the next Windows OS, provided that there are no stupid backdoors everywhere, then, there will be a better person for IT security powered consumers to buy those phones with the secure Outlook and Onedrive apps.


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