Microsoft’s explanation regarding opposition of government’s personal data request

Following the accusations of Microsoft about the company helping the various security agencies in certain actions, it seemed that Microsoft already turned on against them after some months to protect the customers’ privacy. The company believed that 80%+ of customers believed that the proper search warrant is required in case some criminal has done something wrong for instance. Not to mention that the top lawyer of the company had done the interview about this with Wall Street Journal.

The interview video can be found at this site: and it looks like the company will continue to oppose the on-going personal data request. The next step will be to oppose the same thing coming from other countries.

But then, here’s another recent problem, it appeared that the Russian government had passed some law that required the tech giants to store the data of Russian users to the Russian data centers or they might be banned. We already suspected that that motive is the same as the one the US government is doing such as the on-going cyber-spying on users that may affect the business trust.

And of course, is going to the cloud technology a freaking mistake or something? To me, it can’t be some kind of a mistake. It’s supposed to be part of the future of the technology. However, there may be problems with that. Firstly, there isn’t some security for the cloud technology in the first place and Microsoft has to do something in encrypting it like they already did with Onedrive recently. You can also use Spideroak which also goes against the illegal data collection thingy. Secondly, anything you synchronize will be stored in the cloud storage and if you happen to remove your data by mistake, it will also be gone from the cloud storage, so you may need to perform the backup elsewhere in the safe location. Third, cloud virtualization may require tons of bandwidth like when you use the god-damn Windows Azure technology.

Nowadays, the company seems to be using the cloud technology ever since two years ago. You get the hybird, public and private cloud in which you can do the same thing in your home as well with the private-cloud powered NAS devices you can buy from the retail store.


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