Rhythm of Fighters

Sure are tons of rhythm games coming in this year and the ones we already anticipated are the Bemani series of games coming in this year including the new BeatStream which I might have ranted about it for being more unoriginal than BeatCraft Cyclon, Project Diva F 2nd as well as IA Colorful or something for PS Vita. A stranger game was probably Sailor Zombie AKB48 arcade game which has some rhythm elements in it and people don’t seem to accept the concepts like that. Of course, speaking of something unacceptable, it seems that SNK Playmore is coming up with a bunch of spinoffs almost nobody cares for. This year, we get Rhythm of Fighters and Metal Slug Defense.

ROF is probably KOF with rhythm game and it looks like it’s fighting + rhythm combined just like the other games that make use of this combination. However, I don’t know how those other games work but this one doesn’t seem to mix together. I mean you’re not hitting your opponent to every beat or perhaps blocking your opponent’s attack to the beat. Instead, the attack takes place after a set of notes but having special and desperation moves included as part of the genre combination may seem to be a problem as those moves take up tons of seconds and especially when you do multi-combo normal moves which cause the same problems as well and there’s no way to cancel any of these moves should you make a mistake.

My thoughts of improvements may include:

  • One Normal Note: A normal attack via one punch or one kick per note.
  • One Normal Hold Note: A continuous normal attack. The attack is abrupted should you let go of the normal hold note.
  • One Special Note: A special attack per special note. (Note: This requires some rests after this note.)
  • Flick Note: Kind of useless to me as if it is complicated to have a normal attack and the corresponding direction at the same time. (Not an improvement)
  • Desperation Move: Serious problem in combining these two genres as the desperation moves take up few to several seconds. (Not an improvement)

Also, the graphics are old-school for some reason as we understand that not all characters are playable in KOF XIII but there are some songs and backgrounds taken from KOF XIII and the Atomiswave era KOF games. Not to mention that there will be additional songs coming in.

Gameplay concept is by far the most difficult thing and especially for attempts to combine two genres at the same time which may pose the serious problem. Other problems include the use of old-school graphics instead of remaking them into the style of KOF XIII as well as the songs from various SNK Playmore Pachinko games which may seem like a strange move for me.

Rhythm of Fighters may seem to be okay overall and especially for Metal Slug Defense which is also okay to me as well. Perhaps, SNK Playmore should try to focus on the sequels to the main series instead of the strange-ass spin-offs. KOF Sky Stage was already mediocre enough to me due to completely unacceptable gameplay concept that makes ROF kind of decent.


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