Metal Slug Defense? (More like Metal Slug Tug of War)

Well, this one’s more like a Tug of War kind of game instead of Tower Defense to me as you deploy your units to protect your deployment elevator acting as a base and to wipe out your opponent’s base and forces. There may be Tower Defense elements such as to wait for unit production process to finish before you deploy another same unit as well as to wait for the amount of unit generation points to build up as needed for deployment. You can level up the AP buildup by tapping on the bottom-left but just like deploying units, you will need APs. Not to mention that your troops must be strong enough and your AP buildup speed must be fast in order to push through all the way to the enemy base. Once again, it’s more like Tug of War with Metal Slug instead of Tower Defense because the real Tower Defense with Metal Slug should be top-down instead of 2D-side view as if you can place a bunch of turrets and solders around the area attacking waves of enemies.

As days go on, there are characters from KOF and other fighting games added to MSD although some characters don’t seem to be using their weapons at all but the moves from those games are cool looking in MSD. Not to mention that there are additional missions and stages which are more complicated than the main stages as stated by the ultra high difficulty level.

Next is the couple of downfalls:

  • The gameplay concept: The title is misleading as if the game’s more like the Tug of War with Metal Slug instead.
  • Weird cloning: While there can be multiple normal solders, having clones of main characters may seem to be kind of weird.
  • POW Resucing: No official instructions on how to rescue them.
  • In-App Purchases: You’re gonna need those medals to buy the stronger units but the downside is that they require that your AP buildup to be extremely fast and they take up lots of APs to deploy.

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