Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

A better news this time and I had recently cleared this MVA course with the Certificate of Completion. However, it turned out that this course was kind of easy compared to the other courses regarding the OS deployment as they were more challenging than this so I was still stuck with those courses at MVA although I already have enough ideas about what the tools are about such as MDT, SCCM, Windows AIK/ADK and so on. The ones I have favorited so far will be MDT and SCCM as they may look kind of easier to prepare stuffs for deployment such as the OS images, apps, packages, drivers, task sequences and even the computers in the collections in the domain for deployment. You can also check the computers remotely to see how it goes because you may be responsible on how you set up your deployment plans in both MDT and SCCM. MDT 2013 has the ability to monitor the client computers the same way you do in SCCM but you don’t get to remotely do other things to those computers in it compared to Config Manager. Maybe there should be a Remote Task Chooser feature as part of the remote administration thing in MDT like you can remotely access those computers just for choosing whichever task you’re supposed to for those computers but that may break the purpose of monitoring them for sure.

One tricky part about migrating from Windows XP to the Windows 8.1 is that you may have to do some modifications to the tools before doing the deployment. Not to mention that you may have to include USMT tools in the deployment. The first thing is that you may to use USMT 5.0 in Windows XP to capture the configuration and store it in the remote location before moving on to install Windows 8.1 and then using USMT 6.3 to restore back the configuration from the remote location. Of course, a reference computer is needed in which you do the Refresh method before using the reference computer image for Refresh or Replace for other computers. Speaking of those computers, you may have to use USMT 5.0 in them before making use of the reference computer image to do the installation and then using USMT 6.3 to retrieve back the configuration. Of course, as long as the configuration for those computers is commonly the same the ones for the reference computers, they can straight away obtain the USMT configuration from the reference computer using USMT 6.3 after OS installation although joining them to the same domain may be challenge in my opinion as part of the deployment process.


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