More robust encryption support for Onedrive and Outlook

OK, a brave move from Microsoft and this may look like it is their first step. The next step will be to encrypt the other services like the Xbox Live, Windows Azure, Office 365 and even the Windows OSes. I don’t know if the upcoming Windows 9 or perhaps the next update to Windows 8.1 will include the improved encryption for the OS as well as the encryption support for the Bitlocker which is already affected by the backdoor of the on-going illegal cyber-surveillance. The remaining problem is the CPU itself as some Intel technology that powers those CPUs is already affected by that similar backdoor as well even if Microsoft is already doing their best to respect their customers by then.

It surely took Microsoft before the year end to encrypt their services but then, this is just at the beginning. Try not to be cocky about this because we don’t know if some dumbass will come crying to Microsoft for the data request again and especially that the other dumbasses will try to come up with a stupid law that will extend the power of the on-going spying which may challenge the hell out of Microsoft and other tech companies.

Bravos to Microsoft and if they can keep on protecting and respecting their customers’ privacy this way by encrypting other services besides Onedrive and Outlook, then it may be a better reason to continue using them again. Not to mention that even Internet Explorer and Windows OSes should have the similar security as well.

The fight for internet freedom and privacy protection never ends. We will keep on blogging about this in addition to the upcoming products. That should keep this blog as active as ever unless some corrupted dumbass scares the hell out of us like blogging about something that goes against the internet freedom will land us in trouble.


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