Blackphone is being shipped to buyers

It won’t be long before this smartphone focused on privacy protection is being released. However, there may be some initial flaws upon seeing the specs of this device.

The first thing is that there may be front and back cameras in which I don’t know if they will be intercepted by the cyber-spies even with the amount of software security inside. Maybe, there should be a cameraless version of Blackphone that can be useful for extra military security. Sure, maybe they should make that version besides shipping the original.

Another downside is how highly expensive this phone is, $629 for this giant piece of security is like holding people back from buying it and besides, the apps on this device may seem to be quite different than the popular ones. Some of the handy ones like Disconnect, secure alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo and others, etc., their camera app, etc. but I don’t know if those apps will require invitation to get your friends to use the same apps as well for security. No, we don’t want that. We want to use those alternative apps while being able to contact our friends through them without any stupid invitation or other notification telling me to get them to use the same apps as well. It’s unnecessary for them to know those apps. Why don’t we import Facebook, Twitter, Whatapp and local friends into those secure apps that easily? Why is this feature kind of difficult to implement by then? Also, can’t you even know that not all people use the secure-ass alternatives like that? If something really goes wrong with the company like they’re going to betray us with this privacy violation thingy through their services and apps, why don’t we ditch it and use the popular and more secure alternatives?

Other than these advantages, it shouldn’t be a problem using this smartphone if you’re interested in buying it.


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