BeatStream and Beatcraft Cyclon

At the beginning of this year, it appeared that Pentavision ceased to exist that the on-going developers of DJ Max series went on to form a new company that would later publish the international version of DJ Max Technika Q as well as to develop Beatcraft Cyclon, another DJ Max spinoff. But from what we saw from these two upcoming games for the arcades, the gameplay is unoriginal as if it is a touch-screen only knockoff of Sega’s Maimai. What are they thinking? The original parts so far are the six virtual buttons with three of them on each side as well as the four rotational arrows. That is for BeatStream by Konami as we haven’t seen the location test videos of Beatcraft Cyclon in action so we don’t know how the gameplay of that works. Another serious problem for BeatStream is that it uses the two screens that may make the cabinet setup look like the DJ Max Technika knockoff but then, we had already seen various arcade cabinets with two separate screens so I don’t know if BeatStream really rips off DJ Max Technika when it comes to the cabinet design. The OS BeatStream is running is Windows Embedded Standard 7 as seen in some JAEPO video when someone’s play is interrupted technically live, shocking everyone in the process. Ironically, the game runs in extended screen mode unlike DJ Max Technika.

Beatcraft Cyclon on the other hand doesn’t have the complex gameplay BeatStream has. The gameplay is still played like Maimai but is has two additional buttons on the top-right. The F button may represent the Fever mode similar to other DJ Max games but the E and those things on the bottom left? It might seem that you can make adjustments to speed and other in-game behaviors before starting the song in DJ Max Technika series including the one on the PS Vita but trying to adjust them after starting the song may seem kind of awkward for us. The interface seems appealing to me unlike BeatStream which is going completely solid with no signs of colorfulness whatsoever.

But if these two games are to be released in the arcades, we don’t know if the developers may face some sort of lawsuit or not. Nurijoy’s idea for Beatcraft Cyclon is centered around cars and turntables but we don’t know how the gameplay works until some video shows up.


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