Apple’s new Swift language (Repeat offender, Fl***y B**d?)

OK, it appears that the developer at Apple is trying out the new Swift language to make a game that turns out to be the clone of the terrible but popular Fl***y B**d as the test subject within fours of release. Perhaps, the developers may claim that it is quite easy to program using the new Swift language but it may seem that this is based on the Objective-C code which is the programming language for IOS and Mac OSX development.

This was all before the WWDC’s announcement regarding the new Swift language so we don’t know if this was mentioned as part of the event but still, this test subject he had made should be regarded as a test subject and not a public clone of that terrible game that should be released to the public for fun. Maybe, this should be a freaking template in game development but the only problem is the contents in that original. The graphics, sounds and certain object movements are apparently ripped off of SMW games on SNES. I may expect a LAWSUIT FROM NINTENDO AGAINST THOSE MOBILE GAMES TO HAPPEN FOR GOOD! Even if you’ve NEVER PLAYED THOSE M**** GAMES BEFORE, IT IS WRONG TO RIP OFF STUFFS LIKE THAT FOR YOUR MOBILE GAME DEVELOPMENT!

And if that is not freaking enough, there’s some lack of achievements and item upgrades as well as the way you move up and down through tapping which is FUCKING BULLSHIT TO ME! So, what kind of mobile games I had played in the past before the existence of this crap? Jetpack Joyride? Yes, I’m fucking honest and serious that I played that before because it’s fun and it has enough content for a casual game! And if you clone that Fl***y B**d shit with anything taken from Nintendo games and release that clone to the public, then shame on you and fuck you! I bet that someone will file a lawsuit against you and Fl***y B**d creator to pay Nintendo the amount of damages you have done! That is some game I had no interest in blogging it before this news!

Lastly, if that wasn’t enough to piss me off on Twitter, it seems that Fl***y B**d creator has the guts to put his game back the App Stores and Play Store in August to increase the popularity like stupid even more. I give that a THREE, 3 OUT OF 10! It is one of the casual games that we may end up tearing it into shreds!

By SilveryFJ Posted in Apple

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