Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Bad news aside, this one’s the newly announced product from Microsoft along with other products being announced as well such as Surface Mini. Surface Mini is like Microsoft’s answer to the mini Android tablets as well as Ipad Mini. Surface Mini is likely to be making a comeback after some previous reports indicated that Surface Mini was cancelled as it was thought that it won’t be a hit. It appears that Surface Mini will still be available sometime in the future despite the fact that it wasn’t part of the recent product event from Microsoft.

Surface Pro 3 is like the big thing from Microsoft and it is as large as a normal laptop computer can be. It may look like a competitor to the laptop computers and other 3-in-1 portable computers as well running Windows 8 and 8.1. In addition, it will be sold under multiple plans from Microsoft ranging from 4GB of RAM to 8GB of RAM, i3 to i7 processor, 64GB to 512GB and $799 to $1949 respectively.

Other news involved Adobe’s plans to make the interface even larger so that it can be touch friendly but then, such a plan like that can result in a visual disaster like what already happened with Office 2k13 desktop version. I don’t know if the new touch-friendly Office version as shown by Microsoft the last time can be much better than that for the tablet devices. But you know what, there should be TRUE MODERN UI versions of those products, not the desktop ones unless you want to do something more advanced with all those legacy functionalities that are available for you.

Surface Pro 3 will be in August in 26 other countries.


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