Net Neutrality update for US

OK, the big day had come with the huge amount of open internet and net neutrality supporters out there in the west but things went quite inaccurate for them due to the actions below.

Here, it seems that FCC had voted 3-2 to develop new rules, which allowed the ISPs to maintain solid net access to every web site and service no matter what. But the downside is that they left the option for the some ISPs people know of to allow faster speed for certain services. We don’t know if those ISPs will force people to pay higher price for faster speed access with these new rules. Not to mention the minimal speed limit the FCC will want for the ISPs under this new proposal.

Right now, we may be given 60 days or less to think about this proposal and another 57 days for reponses. If we make sure that the real net neutrality happens in the US just like the net neutrality in the europe is going to happen for real in which Microsoft accepts, then this sort of problem will be solved although such as approval like that is going to attack back AT&T, Comcast and Verizon. And of course, nobody sees the point of Comcast this year even if the proposal for real net neutrality passes or fails. So, is net neutrality still alive and kicking in the US? Until the days of responses from FCC, we don’t know if that will be saved or not.


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