Sailor Zombie AKB48 Arcade Edition

OK, this is like the weirdest or wackiest idea I have ever seen. Idols from the popular idol group being turned into zombies and you have some weapon to purify them like turning them back to normal? In addition, there may be monsters to deal with with the same weapon and there’s some weird/strange rhythm game element in this game. I don’t know how the gameplay works on the music side but there should be something to shoot at to the beat.

The gun controller is the freaking ship weapon controller similar to the ones from the previous Namco lightgun games taking place inside the spaceship. What kind of concept/idea is that from Bandai Namco? Were they thinking wrongly or what? Or maybe, you’re in the vehicle equipped with those weapons, shooting zombies and driving at the same time? I don’t know if this is the flaw or perhaps the good move for me but this licensed game was recently released in the arcades in Japan.

Perhaps the game based on the popular idol group may look quite interesting but this is not the first game Bandai Namco was involved. There were previous games on the PSP and PS Vita about having a date with one of the idols but then, implementing the real life idols in the game like that is not quite easy as if there may be too much of real life graphics and FMVs going on. Perhaps you may be better off communicating with the fictional idols as a producer and that is something Bandai Namco is going in the right direction.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Namco

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