GalleryNext beta from Cyangenmod

A Roku device should be something you should try when using the next GalleryNext beta update that allows support of streaming pictures to it. The development was on hold since late January which was a few months ago. Nearly after two months, the software eventually received the update. We don’t know why the development was on hold.

For this update, it has support for the followings:

  • Better scrolling and load times
  • Support for Delete and Undo on both local and cloud
  • Chromecast and Roku support
  • Better integration with image editors
  • DeepZoom support
  • Other updates
  • Push the photos from the device running the app or the cloud service provider to the TV connected to Chromecast or Roku

And of course, the Photowall experiment from Google is obviously more interesting than this in general but for the sake of security, you may want to try out this upcoming product on Cyangenmod and you should have the Roku device. I don’t know much about Roku devices compared to Chromecast which is the Android TV device.


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