Stolen emails reveal amount of money Microsoft gets from government requests

You know, I may be sick of cyber-intrusion groups like Syrian Electronic Army for instance as they might be the pain in your asses but now, it seems that the emails they stole from Microsoft were about the amount of money the company gets from government requests. Last time, we thought that it might be the stupid way for that group to take such kinds of intrusive actions at Microsoft for the on-going spying thingy when the company actually planned to encrypt their services in the future as we already know of.

Well, if you support those cyber-intrusion groups like SEA, for example, it may be a shame on you like what if you get attacked by them over your rudeness for example. Not to mention the bad things they had already done the last time such as the Playstation Network being cyber-intruded with the customer information being stolen the last time. Nobody knows the actual reason for such kind of actions.


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