Namco’s Wonder Momo Reboot

One more gaming announcement I forgot to blog about. It’s the reboot of the 80s game that was played before in my childhood. I couldn’t get past the final stage as I didn’t know which weakspot of the final boss was the real weakspot. Also, having to attack that weakspot is not easy even in Wonder mode. The game was damn difficult back then that I wasn’t able to complete it.

The reboot of the game is based on the web comic at Shiftylook website where you can read it. The web comic is still on-going and it is based on the original game, if not the reboot of that game itself. The web comic features the new generations of the same characters in addition to the original generations fighting the invaders. Sure, unlike the original game, the invasion is real. Even the original protagonist spent tons of time fighting those invaders back then according to the web comic and after repelling the invasion, she eventually retired. Back to the present, it seems that the original protagonist who is the original Wonder Momo is back, fighting alongside her daughter who is the modern-day version. But be warned, the reboot has dark spoilers as if we may end up comparing this to other animes we know of so we’re not gonna tell you what these spoilers are in this blog post.

There’s also the animation based on the web comic but there are some downsides. First, the voice-acting for some characters is crap as if the voice-acting is done by some newbies or something. Second, the episode list is incomplete but I don’t know if the anime will be on-going or not as if you’re better off reading the web comic instead of watching that. Third is the disadvantages taken from the web comic version. The first disadvantage of the reboot is that having unlimited time of Wonder Mode can cause the hero to go as dark as evil as the modern-day Wonder Momo already is at the homeworld of the invaders. Second, there should be an interview or speech introducing the new heroes in addition to the originals. You know, they should let people know about that so that the people can continue supporting them. Third, it’s kind of pointless to have a robot version of those hero itself and because of its existence, things are getting out of control that such controversies happen in the comic.

So, back to the reboot game. It is promised to be less difficult than the original game and the graphics are looking cartoonish for sure in next generation. It will be available for PC and Android this year. It has the enemies taken from the web comic and the original game but obviously, the story is based on the web comic so the game is taking place in many real locations unlike the original game which is nothing but a school cultural festival performance playing the same super-hero kind of show.

You can get the original game on PC-Engine or the Wii Virtual Console which uses the arcade version instead as the PC-Engine version is kind of repetitive when it comes to sound-effects. Was there a reason not to put in the voices for PC-Engine version back then when comparing it to the arcade version?


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