Worst educational moments of last year

Last year, there was like a major educational change within myself after knowing that something was not right. Until today, it seemed that I have been making progresses with the outside but superior topics I have been self-studying. Of course, there will be talks about the distracting spammers who surely had their motives in getting me tortured last year but I made their plans backfire and those spammers deserved to be ignored. They surely couldn’t be trusted by then. So HERE ARE THE FOLLOWING WORST EDUCATIONAL MOMENTS OF MINE OF LAST YEAR:

  1. Lack of common courses: This is by far the worst polytechnic I have been forced to study in Woodlands in my life. Having to miss out the common courses will take people time to realize on what is really missing. My predictions on my improvements were kind of bad, so were the others’ plans. The stupid thing was that they were trying to make that campus even more different than before with the deeper removal of various not-so-difficult topics in the common modules and the decrease of the entry and graduation requirements even further. Remember, the good reasons we have are that there are more suitable common courses present to choose from and on how near the polytechnic is to our location. Of course, the first reason is the most important thing to see if the campus is closely comparable or not before moving on to the second reason regarding your current GPA and the third reason regarding on how far or near the polytechnic you want to study from your home.
  2. More spam emails about events being compulsory: The most ANNOYING THING IN MY FUCKING LIFE! Will they STOP SENDING US THOSE KINDS OF EMAILS SAYING THAT THOSE EVENTS WERE COMPULSORY? NOBODY CARES FOR THE STUPID CONSEQUENCES THEY’RE GOING TO PLAN! NOT EVEN I CARED! The worst moment SURELY HAPPENED TO ME LAST NOVEMBER! What an itchy gut and motive to penalize me in the childish manner? And THAT WAS WHY THE SPAMMERS HAD BEEN IGNORED! I have been attending the ones I’m truly interested in according to my bio including the online ones which clash with the morning time as I have been concerned of.
  3. Shitty events being shown on the first floor: What the fuck were they thinking last time while I was having a break from class? Nintendo games being played on the emulators as part of the events? Well, THAT WAS ONE STUPID IDEA I HAD EVER SEEN! Why weren’t they bringing A FUCKING WII ALONG CONTAINING THOSE GAMES ON VIRTUAL CONSOLES? It’s like they made a GLOBAL DISTRACTION LIKE DUMBASSES! Whoever organized that SHOULD BE SUED AND WE DON’T WANT SUCH KIND OF ILLEGAL EVENTS TO HAPPEN AGAIN!
  4. Natural torture: Well, there was a serious haze going on last year and there were some policy controversies as well. Sure, those controversies made the students and workers the victims of the haze. It’s like THOSE TROLLS WANTED ME TO SUFFER FROM THE FUCKING HAZE LAST TIME! The only last resort was that I could only come to class only on the days containing the test.
  5. Gaming enemies: I may suspect that those strangers posing as the teaching staffs who sent us spam mails might be the ones who harmed me in gaming during the vacation as if I cleared something with the WORST GRADE ever due to mis-timing. No joke, that happened to me at Century Square arcade when I was not timing things correctly. Also, at the Bugis arcade, I suspect that I was harmed twice last year. One for playing games there the first time like I played disgracefully and the second was that I played like a retard during the last short vacation of last year. Disgraceful bullshit! I still have yet to compensate for my gaming disgraces there.
  6. Failure of club test: Maybe this suspicion of mine is similar to the one just above it but this one regarded the basics. I was close to matching the beat properly and I was told that I needed more practice. The BPMs between the sides of the set were close to matching each other but even then, the beatmatching was still quite messy last time probably due to the lack of the real set of mine to practice with. If I had bought mine earlier, I could have done more practices like that. And the failure like that was like a DISGRACE to my senior Bemani gamer! But even then, I’m more of the music arranger/producer for sure.

Well, that’s it for the list of worst moments of last year and next year, I’ll have the list of worst educational moments of this year. Some of the same annoyances are there this year as well but I don’t know if I can improve things this year as things for last year were already worse as you can see from the list above.


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