Facebook to use drones for global internet?

This is one average idea Facebook is going to plan in using drones with internet connection feature for social communication purpose. What if the drones are used for property and privacy intrusion or any other bad things? What if the drones crash or lose range or controls? What if the drones run out of battery power? Are THEY FUCKING AWARE of the consequences if those things are seriously damaged? Who’s going to pay for the damages by then? Such things like the ones controlled with your mobile device are expensive for consumers. They can be used for fun with the only connection being the wireless connection that connects to your mobile device but the disadvantage as stated above is regarding the illegal techhnical intrusion.

So, why doesn’t every vehicle have its own internet connection? Well, it’s also obviously a bad idea as accidents can happen for multi-task attempts by the drivers so the on-board devices MUST NOT be used for games, social communication whatsoever other than the GPS thingy. Of course, usage of Android, IOS or Windows Embedded for those on-board devices may be the cool thing but the security surely has its own downsides.

There’s also one similar project which uses Balloons by Google which is either worse or better depending on the kind of balloons with communication devices. Maybe it’s the hot-air balloons with the communication devices somewhere inside. Perhaps Google is doing a little bit better than Facebook by then but that project by Google was started in June last year.


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