Pacman Museum for XBLA, PSN and PC

A few years ago, there was Pacman Battle Royale on the arcades which was the 4-player vs game where you have to munch your opponent’s Pacman after munching the large dot that makes yours bigger. The graphics are based on Pacman Champion Edition but the downside is that the arcade hardware is PS2 based although the game itself is widescreen. What were they thinking technically when it came to a recent simple arcade game like that a few years ago? When that game is being part of this game compilation, it is going to look like a joke graphically and especially when it runs at lower resolution unlike Pacman Champion Edition and its DX counterpart. Personally, DX edition is more fun to play but I still have yet to buy the full version of it though.

Other games include Pac Attack Megadrive version Pacman PSP Arrangement and other classic games out there. Damn, that PSP arrangement as if its soundtrack is kind of repetitive compared to Galaga PSP arrangement whose soundtrack is surprisingly good. And of course, why do I have to play that again when I already have Namco Museum Battle Collection on PSP? The graphics are already at the PSP level and they will not look that good to the HD consoles.

Well, that is like two news merged into one. One for Pacman Museum recently released last month and the other regarded Pacman Battle Royale.


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