Kinect used for spying in Europe?

You know, the gamers in Europe are going to be more pissed than any other  gamers outside Europe when seeing this terrible news. It doesn’t matter where it comes from but for me, I have been looking for new news from Neowin website where I can blog things from. OK, even Microsoft is not happy about this so be glad about their awareness of this happening. Nobody knows about this at first until we see such a news like this today.

From last December, Microsoft had already pledged to encrypt their services against those on-going spying agencies but the plan will take until the end of this year to complete.

The worse thing is that every Xbox One console will come with the Kinect which may be a bad move for me as not all games make use of it. Sure, the new Kinect will not be used for the same bullshit as I can think of but it may seem that things are going to backfire for European gamers in the future. I assume that it doesn’t matter which Xbox console you own and especially for whichever Windows version of the Kinect you own as well. If that evil bullshit is going to happen to all the Kinect devices, then WHAT IS THE POINT of buying Kinect for Windows for whatever projects you want? Is there Playstation Camera for Windows? And even then, there isn’t ANY tool on PC right now that doesn’t support that Playstation’s equivalent to Kinect. You expect someone to make a bunch of Playstation Camera Windows drivers for those programs? No! This kind of cyber-spying is COMPLETE BULLSHIT! Is Microsoft already planning to encrypt Xbox Live as well? The fucking hell do I know until we see more of the good news from the company.

If this bullshit keeps going on, then we may be afraid that the sales for Xbox One may backfire for real in the future. At least, when all the bullshit regarding the Xbox One was gone before its launch, the sales of that console would look successful as if the console eventually succeeded just like its predecessor. But now, it may seem that the real fault lies with the spying agencies in UK that Microsoft will have to take some extra cautions when encrypting their services in the future.


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