Boeing smartphone update (Update: Can be purchasable)

OK, I’ve gotta be honest this time upon seeing the news about the Boeing smartphone from Yahoo website. The one at Neowin fucking confused me, OK. So, no ranting this time but the article about this at Neowin has to be corrected that I may have to take down my previous blog post about this Boeing smartphone. Those freaking smart-asses at Boeing!

What it does is to do the encryption of various phone services like your calls, stored information, SMSes as well as to feature biometric sensors and satellite transceivers.

The smartphone will be available to the security communities and US defense although I don’t know what sort of organizations are when it comes to those. Will the smartphone be in the hands of the privacy’s enemies like those spying agencies? It should be available to the customers in the first place in addition to those communities.

So, this is another smartphone you should buy in addition to Blackphone and that ends my good honesty here.


One comment on “Boeing smartphone update (Update: Can be purchasable)

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