Python Fundamentals at Codecademy

OK, it seems that this is one of the requirements for the Coursera courses I’m going to take late next month. I might have already learnt the Java, C, C++ and C# programming languages but those were like more difficult to learn than Python to be frank as if the Coursera may think that the Python programming is beginner friendly. And, does Microsoft even teach you the Python language? No! Instead, they obviously teach you the programming languages that are used in their products such as C# that is being used in Visual Studio for example.

Apparently, I was at 98% completed with some of the exercises incomplete maybe due to the confusing instructions even at the forums for solutions. Sure, I went there for solutions in case the Hint was not able to help you out as if things were really tricky or confusing.

The course at Coursera is at the next level of Python programming where you can learn on how to program a couple of games using this language and it’s going to be more difficult than the fundamentals. Of course, this is one of these online courses I’m going to take in the future. Also, this is going to be something like the Online University where we have to attend the online lectures and do the assignments as required. Not to mention that there will be projects to do and for courses like this, it can be really difficult to do projects like that.


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