Public downloads will be migrated from Dropbox to Mega?

What the hell surely had happened to Dropbox? It seems that they’re planning to update the Terms of Service starting March 24th. The first part surely prevents anyone from making any lawsuit against them and we don’t know if this is kind of bullshit or not for whatever reason. Also, how are they going to solve the cases in the future with the move that is said to be a faster way? By using arbitration, of course, to settle disputes between you and the company.

Second is that how the company will handle requests made by government agencies for information about the customers. The company claims that they won’t collect your personal information to third parties as they may swear or something and they won’t store ads in your stuffs you store in your online storage.

But then, it appears that that will not be enough to protect your data from being affected by the spies. It seems that your Dropbox service can still be accessed by the government agencies on their own accord for whatever stupid shit they’re doing. Also, it seems that any platform using Xbox Live today is unsafe as well probably due to that service being affected by the same bullshit.

Now, here’s my plan after seeing that news. The future downloads of my stuffs from my blogs will be stored on my Mega account. Right now, the migration is still at the beginning stage as there are so many stuffs I made and published to Dropbox. But by migrating them, what will happen to the optional download links on my YouTube videos then? Also, all the download links from Dropbox to Mega will be somewhat applied to my WordPress blog while the Dropbox download links will still be on my Blogger blog.


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