Nokia smartphones and BBM

This one’s a big news about Nokia due to large involvement at MWC. The first they’re announcing is the Lumia 630 and 635 Windows Phones. They may look like Iphone 5C or perhaps the Lumia 620 which is more or less what the Iphone 5C looks like.

As of now, we may have known that Windows Phone 8.1 will have virtual nagivation keys and Lumia 630 and 635 will be the first ones to have this feature.

BBM or Blackberry Messenger on the other hand will be coming to Windows Phone through Nokia Lumia devices this year. The previous release was the Android and IOS versions last year. Two more apps announced by Nokia for Windows Phone such as Photoshop Express and Food Panda. Note that Food Panda is obviously for India only so speaking of remote food order service from India, I guess that the people living in India can order any food from whatever shop in that country through telephone serivce like some commercial I can remember before. If you’re trying to call for food order, you can only do so from whatever restaurant, coffee shop, etc. from whichever country you’re living in.

Lastly is the Nokia Android devices called Nokia X series. But rather than Google online serivces, it’s Microsoft’s. Perhaps Microsoft will be buying Nokia soon or something. There will also be the app store run by Nokia as well as the third-party app storefronts. These Nokia X series smartphones will be available immediately in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America.


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