Karous: The Beast of Re-Eden for 3DS

Man, when it comes to shmups for mobile devices, it looks like we don’t give a shit about those for 3DS probably because the top screen of the 3DS is for having 3D graphics and it has higher resolution than the bottom screen which is for interface thingy. It may look like a disadvantage for shmups compared to Nintendo DS which should have a couple of them in the first place which takes advantage of combining two screens into one vertical. On the Playstation Vita, it is already getting some momentum with Sine Mora when it comes to portable Playstation console shmups but that is not enough for it compared to its predecessor. So obviously, we prefer the shumps for the home consoles, arcades, smartphones, tablets and even the computer.

So games like Karous: The Beast of Re-Eden and Kokuga are starting to get underrated for some reason probably due to having so much missions to deal with and being less arcade-styled. In Karous: The Beast of Re-Eden, you get like tons of missions to deal with and each set of levels surely contains those missions. The graphical style is identical to Karous for the arcades. This is made by Klon which has the employees of Milestone who made previous shmup games such as Radirgy series, Chaos Field, Illmatic Envelope and Karous. For Kokuga, that is not the shmup at all. It is more of the top-down action game for 3DS where you move your tank and shoot in whichever angle you’re in. Then, there is a spinoff Dodonpachi game for IOS by Cave released last year and it doesn’t seem to be arcade-styled as well. The bullshit thing is that the only way to attack the boss will be to activate the Attack Mode and then use those characters from below to do the attack. There may be tons of missions as well in that game and the concept doesn’t seem to match the original series anyway.


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