Android Coffee Table at $6950!

This is unspeakably extremely expensive and more expensive than those ultra-large screen laptop computers with the 4K support. Its specs is gaming friendly along with the Blu-Ray drive although it may be a requirement for other operating systems, not Android. The larger model will have 500GB HDD with 16GB of RAM while the smaller model is half the ones from the larger model. A 3.7Ghz Core I7 processor makes gaming really epic on this coffee table computer provided that it is not running the popular mobile OSes such as Android for example.

There will be dual-boot to be planned as well to overcome such unnecessities of some parts of system specs. Sure, they may be unnecessary for Android OS itself but for other OSes, they are kind of epic of gaming purposes.

Your better bet is to buy the Lenovo Coffee Table PC I saw at the IT show the last time. Yes, I already talked about that but with recent research today, it turns out to be costing like $1000-$2000 range.


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