Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others joined in the fight

This is basically like the fight for internet freedom two years ago in which even the IT giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others joined. However, it is still not exactly as large as the one two years ago. What about Wikipedia for instance? Did they black out for this fight yesterday against the on-going surveillance?

OK, it seemed that the same banner as displayed in my blog was also in Reform Government Surveillance website as well. It is the effort of various IT giants like the ones I just mentioned above. You can see the site there: There’s also another official blog spot from Microsoft about this as well that was posted yesterday. Basically, we don’t trust the technology or company that is involved in the cyber-surveillance thing. If that’s the case, you may have to find the technology that is surveillance free but then, its functionality is kind of inferior. You can try out the Debian OS with Firefox for instance as well as other Linux apps available but not all kinds of apps can be commonly found there for use.


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