Geeksphone Revolution with Android and Firefox OS

A definition of low-end Android device in which you can buy it for the sake of security. Perhaps you can buy this just for Firefox OS, not the Android itself but then, things will not be that great due to the low-end system specs. The dual-core Atom processor is what was previously used for netbooks and other tablets in addition to this phone. The device has 1GB of RAM but it has Ultra HD at 2560X1440 resolution display. How the hell can this device tolerate the ultra high definition resolution like that for the future?

The default OS to boot up for this device will be Android but the company promises the easy way to boot to other OS such as the Firefox OS or any other OS such as Cyangenmod. If Cyangenmod supports this device, that should be the great thing but we don’t know if even the Blackphone will support that custom OS as well. Speaking of Blackphone, they will be reveiling it at MWC event with the large amount of security.


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