Google Glass + Robocop in reality

OK, it seems that NYPD is planning to use Google Glass for video capturing crime scenes for finding evidences so that they can capture the criminals whenever possible. Of course, another challenge is that the technology uses the social network services to identify the victims and suspects and puts them in the organizational charts depending on whichever cases they’re solving.

The downside is that it may be costly and what if the bad guys are using this same technology as well? There was already a previous case which I didn’t give a shit about about some bad guy using the same technology to record the entire movie in the theaters for future reference or perhaps the sake of pirating. Well, that was completely bullshit that he was arrested for that. Also, we don’t know if the Google Glass technology will be used by NYPD for some bad purposes either but I guess that if any officer is caught using that technology to do bad things, there will be consequences for that officer. We may hope that those consequences will be real in case any officer dares to do those bad things with that glass. So, we may expect some good things with NYPD using Google Glass like trying to bring the Robocop thing in reality. It’s a cool thing to bring that popular franchise to reality as long as such technology is not being used for bad purposes.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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