February 11, We Fight Back

In the mid-2000s until now, it has been like the cities in the western regions have been digitally blown with a bunch of digital laser beams from the invading motherships we call the cyber-spying agencies. Sure, those agencies are like the complete privacy invaders until now we don’t know if there’s an end to this cyber-invasion. Now, it looks like people are fighting back today for freedom which is February 11 in the eastern region with the western region still being a day earlier.

Unfortunately, this preparation doesn’t seem to be as big as the one two years ago probably due to the fact that certain companies like Verizon, Google, etc. had already betrayed us but we hope that this set of actions against the on-going surveillance will succeed. Tumblr and Mozilla will be participating as well today and you can put in some codes into your site from https://thedaywefightback.org/?r=eff.


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