Chromebox for business

The system is already available in the US for business at $999 with the product to be available in other countries in the future. It has Intel Core i7 processor with HD webcam perhaps for smoother HD video chat purpose. There may be USB ports for interactivity as well as the microphone and Google Hangout with Google Plus. I don’t know what is the worth the reason for the business to use Chromebox but for smoother experience on the network in the meetings, it may be worth the use in case there’s a huge amount of lags going on from the computer itself.

Unfortunately, this may seem to look like a strange move to the consumers and small business companies. The Xbox One already has similar features with Kinect and Skype but I don’t know if you can communicate with your friends while playing that console. The downside is that you’re not able to get video hints in case you get stuck in the middle of the game due to the lack of in-system video capturing feature which is something simpler than buying that freaking video capture device. Also, security-wise, there won’t be any better points in using Google Hangout, Plus or perhaps Skype as the security we know of is already defeated. That means whatever you say with your colleague or friend will be interceptted no matter what like you’re better off using other products instead of Chromebox.

And to Microsoft, the Chromebox may seem to look like an evil thing to them when it comes to cyber-security issues but the Google Plus is more evil like nobody bothers to use it. So basically, they keep on encouraging users to use their products for that reason but even so, some of Microsoft services are already the victims of the cyber-spying agencies until the year-end and the Chromebooks are pretty much bashed on by Microsoft via their recent ad.


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