Windows Performance Toolkit Jump Start

This one is at Level 300 or something according to Microsoft Virtual Academy and it was that difficult to understand. The tools for determining the smooth performance were not that easy to understand as well like you have to drag the respective stuffs to the bigger area on the tab for monitoring purposes. You can determine on which application is taking longer time to load up during the boot up process using those tools. It may be useful but how do you plan to speed up the process after knowing those graphs. Also, any unusual patterns in the graphs may affect the performance and especially that you can set whichever devices you want for analysis and then collect them to the main computer you’re monitoring those devices from. I don’t know if you can use those tools to monitor the shit out of those servers to see what things are up to.

To start using those tools, they are parts of the Windows ADK which I already have for learning on how to deploy OSes through Windows SIM and MDT. Tools like Windows Performance Analyzer and Windows Performance Toolkit are what both the developers and IT professionals can use. For developers, they can use those tools to monitor the performances of the applications they’re developing so that they can try to detect performance problems in addition to coding errors. For IT professionals, that is for monitoring the performances of the computing devices as well as the applications inside those devices and especially for other methods of performance monitoring such as the boot-up process monitoring, time taken to load application, unusual pattern detection in the graphs and so on.

Other technical factors include the operating system, system specifications and other stuffs that affect the performance monitoring process. Other things shown from the Jump Start included the performance of the modern apps in Windows 8 and 8.1. Things are supposed to be designed to be fast, fluid and smooth but the hardware specifications and their performances surely affect those terms.


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