Lunar New Year Day 1

Planning which kind of mixtape for the Live Mix Maestro contest will not be an easy thing. I might have done the introductory video but it contained a bunch of mistakes. Also, I recently had completed the mixtape yesterday but there were some mistakes as well. When those mistakes were combined, there will be a lesser chance in getting in the semi-final phase. Now, the genre of choice will be the Hardcore genre probably due to being completely fascinated about the slow-ass music genres and especially the dubstep genre which is kind of fascinating easily if done incorrectly. Choosing the Hardcore genre is the fact on how hard it is in rhythm games such as the ones Konami already has. It may be hard but we can try to outcome the difficulty.

As the music I listen to is completely different, I’m afraid that there won’t be a great chance for me. The others may eventually win the contest this year as if I should have performed the mix I have made elsewhere. If there’s a place that will make me eligble in performing those mixes I have at AFA events in the future, so be it. Only problem is that I don’t much of the animes so my Soundcloud collection is incomplete at this time. So, I guess that even Hardcore Tano*C will not save my ass for sure.

So why establish the Soundcloud collection of Anisongs by then? Well, events with Anisongs being played might be the reason I wanted to listen to those songs provided that I know the artists. So far, I may have known Claris, May’n, Fripside, Megumi Nakajima, Supercell, Kalafina etc. and you should be able to play their songs in rhythm games, right? And speaking of more Claris and Kalafina songs, they were available in Jubeat Plus but be warned, there may be spoilers for those songs and you won’t understand unless you watch those animes the songs come from.


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