From Skydrive to OneDrive

Due to some branding infringement or whatever, they had decided to rename Skydrive to Onedrive. We don’t know the new features for Onedrive at this moment but it seems that even Office 365 will have some improvements for their web apps known as Office Online. But having the name, Onedrive, is likely to make things worse. There are already cloud services with the word, one, such as Ubuntu One,, etc. Calling that Micro-drive is not likely to make sense either like making the Microsoft cloud storage for users the tinyest looking storage of all containing 25GB-500GB. Like come on, this ain’t the SSD or the SD-card inside the servers. already has their cloud drive service and it has been active for three years but I assume that the Skydrive service existed even ealier than’s cloud service. I don’t know when did Dropbox first exist by the way but it may seem that Dropbox itself was a superior one than Skydrive back then before there was a desktop client for Skydrive two years ago.


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