UK Government plans to ditch Microsoft Office in favor open-source

Hmm, I don’t know if this is gonna be a controversial move or perhaps a good move. A good move in ditching Microsoft Office service is that your documents are safe from being spied. A controversial move in ditching this is that the spying process may be somewhat spread to open-source solutions that the Europeans may somewhat need to keep a lookout for. Now, it seems that the UK Government is planning to ditch Microsoft Office perhaps to save costs but despite that, many of the private companies in the UK are still using Microsoft Office. Sure, the open-source software similar to Microsoft Office is somewhat inferior but at least, the open-source office suite software is something you should have used nowadays instead.

Last year, Neowin apparently reported on the IT consultancy that claimed that many of the clients are were ditching Google Docs service in favor of Office 365. Maybe the new cloud technology from Microsoft is interesting enough to use and especially for the Office Web Apps which are incomplete compared to the clients’ counterpart but at least, they look kind of similar and have more features like always. So, bravos to those clients for ditching Google Docs in favor of Office 365, not because Google is kind of an evil betrayal to the users nowadays.

OK, it seems that I still have Office 2010 in my computer in addition to the open-source office solutions and especially when I had recently switched to Springpad for note-taking after thinking that even Evernote was the next victim of the spying agencies. Maybe next time, I’ll transfer the notes from my OneNote and Evernote accounts to Springpad.

And of course, for future personal works, the graphics will be done with Inkscape but that can be time consuming and not all graphics are going to be done with that.


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