Microsoft’s other Twitter accounts attacked by same hacking group

Those fucking RESEARCH-LESS CYBER-CHEMICAL IDIOTS! Sure, they might have prepared a bunch of virtual chemical-like programs to launch the attack on Microsoft the last time and now they’re doing this same BULLSHIT AGAIN! It’s like more servers and social networking accounts belonging to Microsoft were blown up online by those idiots. Well, really, had they even discovered the news that Microsoft would swear to encrypt the services against the cyber spying agencies the last time?

This time, the victims are the official Twitter accounts for Xbox Support and the Microsoft Official News. You think this kind of network intrusion can end the cyber-war like that instantly? And in fact, we don’t know if Microsoft will plan to encrypt the Xbox Live with the same encryption plans they use to encrypt other services of theirs like Windows Azure, Outlook, etc.?

This bullshit has to stop and it should not make other tech companies the same victims as well. If those dumbasses at SEA continue that, then someone can make sure that the ones behind this bullshit will have their future ruined.


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