February 11 – The Day We Fight Back

A bigger protest will be taking place in February 11 against the mass cyber-surveilance we know of. In addition to the regular internet users, they will be joined by various organizations like Mozilla, Reddit, EFF, etc. Sure, I’ve been using Firefox for privacy safety but it cannot be the same for those faggots supporting those cyber-spying agencies even if they are those regular users. If you see such supporters like that on the internet, you may as well block the fuck out of them.

The first thing will be to embed your banners and widgets to your site. I don’t know if IDL has known this preparation but it may be a good and easier thing if I embed those from IDL regarding this campaign. Right now, the final design has yet to come.

Third thing will also be to join the conversation with Reddit. Unfortunately, I don’t have the Reddit account and I don’t know what’s the proper reason for signing up for that safe service.

Forth thing is about coming up with your own ideas.


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