Toshiba dual-camera modules

Having dual-camera modules in devices may be a big deal as it is for producing 3D videos. And the worse thing is that to produce 3D videos, two cameras or two devices with cameras may be required and that may be twice as expensive and especially when having two different devices is like a pointless idea for 3D video production.

Of course, having a 3D Video Chat is kind of ridiculous with the dual-camera modules and especially when having a video call. It seems that Toshiba had revealed their dual-camera modules for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices at this year’s CES. What they planned was that the dual-camera modules were able to simultaneously shoot images and gather depth data. Using the LSI chip, it measures and appends the data depth to objects in the image.

The only opportunity for this kind of media production is the fact that you can save money on buying another identical camera or another identical mobile device just for that kind of 3D Media Production. You can buy a device containing dual-camera modules and then commence the media production with that instead.


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