This year’s CES at Las Vegas

Next week is a big one for new technologies of the future. Few things include the upcoming Steam Machines, wearable computing devices such as the smartwatches, Lifeband Touch and even the Google Glass, 4K displays and newer smartphones, tablets and PCs.

For Steam Machines, tons of third-party PC manufacturers will be involved in making their own versions of Steam Machines but we don’t know if this is going to succeed or not. Right now, the safer success of using Steam with better privacy protection will be the Linux version of it but even then, you may be better off playing games on the PS4 and Wii U. As of today, the link between SteamOS and Windows and Mac OSX is still not yet available as SteamOS is still in beta stages. Sure, there may be some plans to synchronize your Steam gaming between SteamOS and Windows client version of Steam for example but that will be when SteamOS will be finalized in the future. The worse thing as of today is that there’s no way you can try to dual-boot SteamOS along with another OS. Now, that is the reason on why am I not able to give that OS a try on my computer.

Next is the wearable computing devices. The Google Glass is still under beta stages, there will be Lifeband Touch from LG as well as some new smartwatches from Intel.

4K Displays! For whatever reason, this technology is not executed yet although it is already implemented on TVs, YouTube, tablets and computers with 4K resolution support. There will be a new codec for YouTube called VP9 that will allow you to stream such videos.

Other than those new things, we don’t know what will Microsoft have in stores for this year’s CES and there will be newer smartphones, tablets and PCs in which huge IT technology enthusiasts have nothing much to say about them other than taking those gadgets for standard things. Sure, we may be interested in new technologies but then we still already have our own gadgets at home like the tablets, smartphones, computers and other external computer accessories we already have. Thing is, those gadgets we have are not new anymore but exploring and trying out new technologies and services is a great opportunity for us.


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