Zeitgeist of this year from SlideShare

I may be freaking afraid to blog about the Zeitgeist of last year as there were already major spoilers for sure but this year’s Zeitgeist may be somewhat safe to blog about.

So the keywords at Slideshare blog mentioned were, Bitcoin, Twerking, NSA, Cronuts, Google Glass, etc. I know three of them and there will be somewhat worst moments to talk about this year probably due to a bunch of controversies ever since last year.

OK, the keywords were not the points of that blog post at SildeShare. It is all about the usage of online presentation service this year. The presentations are more visual and shorter and more mobile users are using SlideShare. Hopefully, I will take note of that blog post so that I can improve myself.

I’m sure the top best and worst stuffs or moments of yours of this year can be done late at the beginning of next year because I believe that your moments of this year are somewhat not finalized yet until we reach next year. For Slideshare, you can come up with a presentation like that and tag #Zeitgeist2013.


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